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Battlefield 1 (PS4) Review | CGMagazine

Our thoughts on DICE's next big shooter.

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The Complicated History of Revolutions in Video Games ...

The problems of power fantasy.

Inside the weird and wonderful world of spotifys gaming genre 2 article

Exploring Spotify Gaming Playlists | CGMagazine

Behind the soundtracks to your gaming habits.

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Small Radios Big Televisions (PS4) Review

Adult Swim Games and Fire Face Corporation's Small Radios Big Televisions is a short but stimulating trip into a world of multiple realities....

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Livelock (PC) Review

There’s some fun to be had with Livelock’s co-operative focused gameplay, but it’s fleeting at best....

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration (PS4) Review

When it was originally announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider—Crystal Dynamics’ sequel to their highly acclaimed 2013 reboot of the Lara Croft franchise—would be a timed exclusive for Microsoft, there was an inevitably heated backlash from fans, not to mention the gaming community at large. If......

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Rebellion Goes Beyond the Kill Cam With Sniper Elite 4

The x-ray kill camera makes a return in Sniper Elite 4, but Rebellion have worked hard to ensure that there is more to it beyond this irresistible gimmick....

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Digital Discovery: Why We Love Museums in Videogames

Never mind the Louvre or Smithsonian, it’s the virtual museums which have often peaked our fascination the most. Culture without travel....

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Battlefield 1 Open Beta Leaves us Concerned

DICE and EA struggled with significant server outages during the open beta of Battlefield 1....

The Games that are Getting “Hardcore Mode” Right

Whether you’re evading zombies or taming cave lions, games are beginning to offer new difficulty modes that truly live up to their name....

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The Five Best Mortal Kombat Characters

Ah Mortal Kombat, oh how I’ve missed you so. Ever since I first laid my hands upon my friend’s Sega Genesis controller and beat the living daylights out of...