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Batman arkham knight 600x600 article

Batman: Arkham Knight – Should Review Scores Take Account of...

It’s the review score we deserve, but not the one we need right now. Cast your mind back to just a little over one month ago. A spectacular E3 has just finished up and gamers everywhere are elated and overwhelmed by all the great news that has... #alienscolonialmarines #angryjoe #batmanarkhamknight...

Black ops 3 stronghold broken arrow wm 600x600 article

From Black Ops to Battleborne; the MOBA-lisation of Multiplayer –...

Class based multiplayer seeping into the triple A market. Should we be giving it such a warm welcome? Prophet, Roadhog, Akamu, Breacher, and Oscar Mike. These are the names of a number of different playable characters, each taken from a different upcoming... #battleborne #blackops3 #lawbreakers...

Fallout 4 wanderer live action trailer 600x600 article

Traversal in Games: How to Entertain the Players Getting From...

There's a reason why everybody loved the Spiderman 2 game. Traversal mechanics, for me at least, can make or break a video game; especially in the open world genre. It’s why I keep coming back to the addictive (yet admittedly still broken) free-running of... #assassinscreed #bethesda #fallout...

Boost 1920x1080 600x600 article

Gearbox, You Owe Telltale Big Time – Gamemoir

Gearbox made a world I wanted to shoot stuff in, Telltale has turned it into a world I care about. About a year ago now I expressed my concern with Telltale’s development model, as it seemed to be taking the TT Games’ approach by pumping out their trademark take... #borderlands...

Metal gear solid v snake motorcycle 600x600 article

Hideo Kojima And The Dangers Of Listening To The Critics – Gamemoir

Kojima reigned in the 40 minute cut-scenes in The Phantom Pain, but lost a decent Metal Gear story in doing so. Coffee? Check. Comfortable seating position? Check. Toilet break taken? ……check and check. I had just bought Metal Gear Solid V – my first ever... #hideokojima #konami #metalgearsolidv...

Littlebigplanet 3 600x600 article

What Is The Best Video Game Title Of All Time? – Gamemoir

An article to appreciate the wordsmiths of the games industry... #bioshockinfinite #dontstarve #littlebigplanet...

Taken king1 600x600 article

Still Going Strong: The Magic Behind Destiny’s Staying Power

Destiny is here to stay, but what did Bungie do to achieve such consistent popularity? It’s September 2015 and I must admit that I am unexpectedly impressed with Destiny still being a thing. Bungie’s big, sometimes controversial space opera of a video game could have so... #bungie #destiny #evolve...

Tribute to journey by matou31 d5um8hb 600x600 article

Journey and the Art Of Environmental Storytelling – Gamemoir

Behind every setting lies a great story waiting to be told. If you were to type in something like “What’s going on in Journey?” or “The story of Bloodborne” into Google, you will come across thousands of discussions, explanations and theories regarding the plot and... #bioshock #bloodborne #journey...


Harold Review | - Games. Culture. Criticism.

Harold Review. By Alex Avard on March 28, 2015 - 8:47pm. ... Great debut piece, Alex. By Jim on March 28, 2015 - 10:05pm. Great debut piece, Alex. Admittedly ......

Open uri20160411 21855 5yk9l5 article

The Walking Dead: Michonne Lets You Explore and Develop New Sides...

I never liked the Michonne I saw on TV that much, but Telltale lets you get to know her a little better. Shouting at the television screen in frustration is a common occurrence in my household, particularly whenever The Walking Dead is on. All too often, a... #telltale #thewalkingdeadmichonne...

Open uri20160509 4329 m2tij1 article

The New Black Ops III DLC, As Told Through Gifs and Jpegs

Disclosure: Contains Several Instances of Me Falling To My Death in Black Ops So yesterday saw the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops III's second DLC pa......

Open uri20160509 4329 1i07hbs article

Is Telltale Biting Off More than it Can Chew? - Gamemoir

The problem with trying to tell too many tales. Cast your mind back to 2011 for a moment, during that entire year a little-known developer with a knack for interactive storytelling in the vein of LucasArts released three titles; Back To The Future, Jurassic Park, and Puzzle Agent. As of today...

Open uri20160509 4329 1sw3f5p article

After Co-op, Soloing Borderlands Is No Fun At All - Gamemoir

Bored Alone: The Pre-Sequel. “This could’ve gone better!” these are the words my character Athena yells as she is crippled into a downstate amongst waves of enemies, before quickly being killed off completely and re-cloned at the nearest Hyperion station. I am on the surface of Elpis, Pandora’s (apparently Australian)...

Open uri20160509 4329 1vxj97d article

The Art of Dyscourse: How Choice is a Game in Itself - Gamemoir

Will you read on, or close the tab? One of the biggest up and coming mechanics in video games today is choice and consequence. Now, there are thousands of articles out there that go into the nature of player choice and freedom and whether games can provide it (heck, even...

Open uri20160509 4329 8qo2ye article

The Rise Of Streaming and Why We Love to Watch It - Gamemoir

It’s official; streaming’s a thing. But why? Streaming is something of a recent cultural phenomenon in the gaming industry. Its growing popularity in terms of usage and viewership, the acquisition of Twitch by Google for $970 million last year, and the incorporation of streaming services into the current-gen consoles and...