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Don't Fear The Donald, Fear The Man Slinking Behind Him | Shout Out UK

As Donald Trump's media escapade devours all the attention, another candidate watches contentedly while his own path towards victory unfolds....

Polmacpe2 article

There’s a game about the 2016 election, and it's as mad as the real thing | Shout Out UK

Want to know what it’s like to run a campaign? The Political Machine 2016 is here to scratch that itch

Obama article

Obama: loose bear or lame duck? | Shout Out UK

Obama has two and a half years left before he steps down and he's making the most of it by pursuing his own policies regardless of Congressional backing,...

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Dear Media: We Need To Talk About Donald Trump | Shout Out UK

Donald Trump for president may sound odd, yet the media are doing America no favours by giving him maximum publicity coverage and effectively helping him....

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The Republican Presidential Candidates: A Case Of Too Many Cooks? | Shout Out UK

With 15 Republican candidates all vying for the role of President, it is clear that the race for presidency is no longer the exclusive domain of the elite....

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Superhero Movies and the Politics of Fear | Shout Out UK

The new wave of superhero movies shows a grittier, more sobering side of power and responsibility, reflecting our world today.  ...