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Bathprotest article

Angry 'free education' protesters disrupt carol service

They were drowning out the choir boys...

P1010287 article

How to avoid the cleaning fine without doing any cleaning

Because we're too busy sleeping to deal with this so called "hygiene"...

Lidl article

There are a lot of weird things you can buy in the new Lidl

Get 'em before they're gone...

Bathvc article

Uni pen-pushers refuse to reveal VC expenses

Her salary is over ten times more than the average staff wage...

Bather article

Bath the best place to live in the UK

(If you're a family)...

Bath1 article

Local councillor wants to make you pay THOUSANDS of pounds in council tax

She thinks it's unfair we get an exemption...

Open uri20160509 4329 1bkr10p article

What a quacking day! Eastwood welcomes flock of ducks

Wildlife of Bath gets up close and personal with campus residents...